She belonged to none

 Gauri Shankar Prasad

I looked at her, I craved for her,

She was so appealing, I even prayed for her,

I could feel her need, I begged for her.

Not even a glance and she went on her way,

As if I was some toddler, whom she sees everyday.

I was determined, I didn’t give up.

I ran , I walked, I even crawled half dead,

Just to find out that she was yet ahead.

When I couldn’t take more, I cried from behind,

“Dear, Oh Dear! Do you take me for a crook?

Am I that unpleasant, unworthy of your look?”

Off on her way,she replied faintly,

“O traveller!, you must have mistaken me for someone,

I won’t pause for you as I have paused for none.

Many have come and many have gone,

‘Time’, they call me, I don’t belong to any one.”

With a heavy heart, I had to return,

Cruel, she was, she couldn’t even turn.

Ah, time, she was and she belonged to none.

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