Is it real ?

– Adarsh Singpuri

Human is not always humble and grateful but there are times when he is. Being grateful to resources needed for survival is as old as documented history and civilisation. Worshipping trees, the Sun, rivers that are lifeline for an establishment has been happening since times immemorial and in many cultures, it still happens. Hinduism- the religion I follow is the major religion that still does this. The reason was also fear and greed- People began thinking that if they would please their deity, their wishes will be fulfilled. People also worshipped whatever they were afraid of like volcanoes. This has been exploited by cunning people. Sometimes, it is amusing seeing the innocence of people. In India, in the early 20th century, people found bones of huge dinosaurs. They thought these giant, strong creatures still exist. So, to stay safe and please them, they began worshipping them. In some cultures, this belief was about creator(s) generating, organising and destroying.


Eversince, the early 80’s, the technology is booming at a remarkable rate. Earlier, we had games like pong and asteroid. Now we have games and simulations with realistic graphics like GTA V and Watchdogs 2. The situation does not appear to be slowing down.


Existential thoughts have been appearing in the minds of people for a long time. There has been a theory for a long time that we are living in a simulation and not existing in base reality. It is impossible to make someone believe otherwise as we are all alone in our minds and everything we experience are electromagnetic pulses. 

People who believe to be living in base reality give various arguments to support their beliefs. One of which are the irrational numbers. Every system is finite so, these non repeating numbers without patterns cannot be stored entirely but we can calculate them for as long as we want.

And the other is consciousness. It is a very philosophical topic and still a topic of scientific research but thinking that if we have not developed such a system then even they could not have is egotistic. 

There are some well established people like Elon Musk who believe that we live in a simulation and there is very low probability of us being in base reality and the fact that we all and every object in the universe is governed by the same mathematical laws.


Now, getting to the point, I believe that we live in base reality only because it is convenient and feels better but I also contradict my belief due to an other belief.


We and everything in the universe is controlled by the same set of mathematical laws maybe developed by people who generated us, organised us and will someday destroy us- GOD(s).

Source:  Youtube- Brit labs. Are we living in a simulation?

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