Sad story of a creature

– Mregank Soni


I am a lonely creature

which has no special feature

who wants to have some fun

but there is no one

to talk to him

and to make him win

the extreme happiness of joy

and play with it like a toy.


There is mountain of books

which have very dangerous looks

but we have to swallow it

and what teacher says, follow it.

The creature is very tired

but he will hear – “you are fired”

if he doesn’t do his work,

and his seniors will call him a jerk.


He is forced into exile

on endless pile

of very dangerous books

which are like crooks

with no motivation

and offer him a tension.

There is no change

in his routine with a wide range

of work, load, and burden

and the soft rose has become hardened.

There is no one to motivate him

other than books that frustrate him

from morning to night

but people say -“they make our future bright

and we achieve success

which many people can’t access.”


But the creature is not in a condition

to withstand the hard situation.

He doesn’t want his future bright

rather, he wants a thing which is right

that teachers and elders should be friends

who always shake and hold our hands

in every kind of situation

so that we may not get frustration.


But this happens in the very rare case

that people remember those face

which do not have the special feature

for this weeps the creature.


He cannot share his grief

and sorrow to anyone in brief

but he has to complete his work

so that his seniors may not call him a jerk.


The creature is very sad

because the world is very bad

that they never listen to his problem,

but say – “Alive is awesome.!!”

How can he be alive?

when he is caught in a beehive

which contains no honey

but for world, it is very funny.


The creature is weeping

while the world is sleeping

in the moonless night

but the world says to fight

if you want to reach a height

of your desire and dream….

but it is not actually what it seem;

and we cannot swallow it like food

rather, it is like very hard wood.


The creature is bitterly crying

but there is no one who is trying

to give him support

but everyone left him to float

like a solitary particle in the sea

and that particle is as small as a pea.


The creature wandering in the forest

with almost no rest

that he could expect from someone

who can give him some fun

and who can understand him

and can withstand with him.

The creature wants shelter

from his teacher and elder

but he will never get it

because when land was barren, no one wet it.


The creature weeps, cries and dies,

but all say everything is wise

in the world of frustration

where there is no situation

for a poor fellow-creature

which has no special feature

to rise up to a height

and to win the fight.



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