Dark Side Of The Education City

– Mregank Soni


“…..Boy, suffering from depression burns himself….”

“…..Girl jumps from the third floor of Allen. Suicide note reveals about her frustration and not able to fulfill expectations of her parents…..”

“…..Girl hung herself inside the room….”

“…..Boy under mental pressure commits suicide…”

These are some of the headlines of a local newspaper of the admired education city Kota (Rajasthan). People admire Kota because of success stories of some of the toppers who had studied here. These students are treated as legends and are the true ideal for the students living here. Kota has the greatest contribution for selection of students in engineering and medical examinations. Today, people talk about sending their children to Kota, whatever may be the result. In response to this, the number of coaching centers here also increased drastically. In fact, many of them had started taking students from class 5-6 for the preparation of competitive exams which are supposed to be after their +2. It’s weird to think if some day, they start up with a baby to target for competitive exams.

As the child grows up, parents debate on the future of their child. “..for the better future we have to sacrifice our present..” this is one of the most popular argument that one come across while discussing on these issues.

There are about 1 lakh students who come here hoping for better future and the number is increasing rapidly with time but it is surprising to know that only about 8-10% of this population actually, achieve what they wanted.

What creates this difference after all..??

The answer lies within this system and the methods of teachings adopted by the coaching institutes of Kota. It would not be awkward if they had been called concentration camps instead of training camp. The perspective of vision can be different for different people at different times. Some people may limit their view to only toppers who constitute only 3-4% of the population discussed earlier while some are only concerned with the selections but not the rank of the student. There can be many types of problems faced by a student who came from outside and living there. In fact, many students even live there with their parent(s).

Too much of dedication and hard work is required to come up with a strength that would surpass the firewall of the exam. Students worship the topper and always take their assets as ideal not realizing their actual potential to come up with something new to use up their energy to their full limits. It is not wrong to refer someone’s assets who had been considered as a legend with respect to certain students but it is not good to simply imitate others and just blindly follow what others say. This is what is being done in the great education city that students are just programmed to complete their work in time and in fact, most of them tend to do. The one who does it up to greatest extent is admired by the rest other students, & may surpass the firewall of competition.

But what about the “rest other students”..??

They are the ones who mostly constitute dark side of the shining city. As there is a good result from a certain coaching, all the crowd rush to that coaching not realizing that it was the potential of the student who made this result and not the teachers teaching there. They must realize that they are just to guide students and it is students who have to do hard work. This also reveals the irresponsible nature of the school teachers towards their teaching. They teach in such a way that student learns it by rote to pass their school examinations. This creates an opportunity for the coaching to rise up with some “extra knowledge” that they present to students. Actually, it is not any sort of extra knowledge, but it is same as school textbooks but presented in different forms and what people call as “Tricks”!!

In fact; in coaching, students are being told to completely ignore their school curriculum and just do what they say. The student does the same. He does not realize the error of this system as he watches other students doing the same and passing examinations. One of the fatal error of education program of big coaching is that they put in a large number of students. They divide them into different batches based on their ranks in the periodic tests conducted in the coaching. As complained by a large population of students, the quality of teaching degrades as one moves to lower batches. It is not so that the teacher does not teach them because the same teacher when teaches good students becomes good to them. The problem lies in the unwillingness of the teacher to teach those students who are poor in their performance. It is obvious that there are a large number of students in different batches as they put in more number of students. Almost each batch consists of about 100 students and obviously, it is not possible for a teacher to analyze each and every student and to send feedback to parents; they hardly even communicate to the parents. On the other hand, parents expect their ward to perform better in his academics and to score higher. One problem persists with many students that they do not speak to anyone about their problems and this creates a feeling of loneliness and frustration deep inside them.

This happens as a result of overburdening the student with a lot of books and studies, snatching their childhood and programming them to pass the exams. Those students who do not perform as per the expectations from them, fall in a state of solitary life and depression. They even just lose the hope for everything and work just as a machine does. There are motivational sessions carried by the teacher but those are more professional than motivational. They tend to widen the gap between strong and weak students by limiting their attention to certain students only. Once the gap is increased, it becomes difficult for an ordinary student to cope up with reality. Once the situation is achieved by a student, he only goes to class, comes back. His mind is full of frustration and depression, as a result, he does not understand anything in class. This is not the only possible kind of distraction that the student faces here. The above discussion was with respect to the student who tries hard to study but is not able to cope up with the burden that is put on him. There is also the another class of students who realize that the required amount of effort is beyond their limits and keep studies away from them. They indulge themselves in activities which tend to take their future in extreme darkness. They watch a movie, go to a cyber cafe, roam around with friends.. etc. In fact, there is an endless list of such activities.

Now the major question is “who is responsible for these things?”

There is not a single person to be blamed. In fact the first blame comes to the parents and students who think that school textbooks are not enough to compete in the national level examination. They just do not realize the potential within themselves and become dependent on others. It is not wrong to think that if they have potential, they approach to coaching but it is wrong to think that approaching to coaching is the only way. It is important for parents and students to realize that choosing a profession is an individual’s choice based on interest and skills. Parents must stop imposing their dreams on their children. The immense family pressure builds up stress in the minds of the students often feeling them to take drastic steps. Further, considering your child as a symbol of your personal status in the society by means of comparison is wrong. IIT’s and AIIMS are not the end of the world, there is life beyond that. The second blame comes to the present education system of schools and the unwillingness of teachers to teach in schools which give the chance for coaching to rise. The third blame comes to the coaching institutes which put a lot of mental stress and pressure on students to compete due to which a major section goes to darkness.

No one knows up to which point the race will continue and who will be the winner. The definition of a winner is very clear from the perspective of coaching – The winner is that who qualifies the competition with a good rank, no matter what.

It’s terrible if this definition continues, the number of lives that go to the dark side of education city will be continuously increasing.







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