–  Gauri Shankar Prasad


Am I responsible for what has happened?

It just happened. I couldn’t control.

If I couldn’t control maybe, it wasn’t my fault.

I was in no position to take over.

But I was supposed to.

Does that make me responsible?

If I am responsible, so are you,

And so is everyone.



It arouses certain curiosity.

Should I blame myself? OR Should I not?

Because what happens, they say, does for a reason.

If there is a reason then no one is responsible.

Is it that easy or Am I trying to defend myself?



It questions my deeds.

Am I doing it right?

Is it enough or should I have put in more effort?

Maybe it’s a mistake, I might not be the one.

It makes us question ourselves.

We look for the answers hidden in our deepest shelves.



It brings hope. It destroys hope.

Sometimes it even helps you cope.

You are responsible. Why is it so tough to accept?

Accept it. Believe it. Live with it.

Challenge yourself.

And win it.


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