-Gauri Shankar Prasad

“…and thus diamond due to its structure is the hardest material found.”, this was the last line I could take in my small mind which was being tortured by the boring chemistry teacher, Mr.Biswajit Samanta.How could I forget his name, he was heartless. I turned towards Akash and said,” Learning should be more fun and less boredom, don’t you think? How could this guy even become a teacher…”. Before I could complete, a chalk hit me on my nose. “ Rishav, I can’t take it anymore, I won’t let you disturb my class again. Get out of my class.” he practically yelled at me. I tried to apologize as any other day, but all in vain. I had to leave the class. I was all alone in the corridor, passing by other classrooms, peeping a little in everyone of them just to see which teacher was teaching. I remember vividly, I was trying to look into class 8-C when I bumped into someone. It was a pile of notebooks which were now on the floor and there she was picking them up. She had a perfect ponytail hair with a pink hair tie. She looked up with her angry eyes and lashed out,” What are you doing? Can’t you help me?” All that came out of my mouth was,” Sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She had finished piling them up. She stood up, looked at me and said, “ Stupid guy!” By the time I could realise that she called me stupid, she was gone.

Bell rang. It was maths period, I rushed back to class. “ How dare she call me stupid. I am not stupid. I am a smart guy, am I not?, I asked Akash. “ We will talk about that later, do you want to be thrown out of class again, huh?, he back questioned. “ I am a smart guy and I know it”, I consoled myself before delving into the thoughts of that pretty angry girl.She had dimples on her cheeks and a small nose on that round beautiful visage. She had big brown eyes which were really angry at me. I should have helped her pick those notebooks. Maybe, I am stupid.” You know Akash, I think I am stupid.”, I said. “ Who is she?”, He enquired. “I don’t know”, I replied and the bell rang again, the day was over.

I was back home, had my lunch, was forced to do homework, went out to play, came back, had dinner and slept. It was almost all I did everyday. Next day, I searched for that girl but could’t find her anywhere. Two weeks had passed and in the daily usual routine, I had forgotten about her. It was thursday and again I was out of chemistry class. I always thought that the teacher had some personal issues with me that I didn’t know about. He was so cruel to me. Roaming in the corridor and thinking about my cruel teacher I couldn’t see the wet floor ahead, I slipped and fell down with a loud thud! I had hurt my head. I looked up and there she was, giggling with those cute dimples on her cheeks, one hand covering her face to hide that giggle and another was extended to me for help. She smiled and asked,” Why do you keep falling, stupid guy?” I took her hand, she lifted me up and was taking me to the school dispensary. I whispered, “ I am not stupid.” “ Oh! You certainly are.”,she replied. She left me at the dispensary and disappeared again. I returned to the class with bandage on my head. “ What happened? Who beat you?”, Akash enquired. “ Nothing, I’m just stupid.”I replied with a smile on my face.


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