The Diamonds

-Anand Kumar Sharma

I stood in front of my mirror. It was empty. I don’t know how but yes, the bag was empty again. This was not for the first time. I looked back and forth to see if there was someone watching or not. Making sure that no one was watching I just stood in front of the mirror and it slid away.

Inside there was a locker. I put in the code of locker and then came a voice to keep my eye in front of a scanner. It scanned and displayed the message to speak the secret code. This was the last part to open the locker. I spoke that two words very clearly “HALA MADRID” and kept that empty bag again into the locker. I went back to my study room to think, examine and understand how this all happened again. This was third time in a row that my diamonds worth Rs. 30 crore were lost till now.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am businessman who grew so big just because of lockers and safe. Many of the top class secret lockers of the world are designed by me. But my identity had to be kept a secret so I lived like a normal middle class person. As I earned more and more the space for storing all the money became very difficult. So I converted most of my money into diamonds. Each bag contained 5 diamonds and every single diamond was worth Rs. 2 crores and I had 20 such bags. So I thought of making a safe for myself. But I never knew someone could break through in, even after so much security. Not once but thrice.

I was getting irritated day by day not because someone was stealing my diamonds but because he was able to break through a safe that was designed and made by me. Since I had to pretend like a middle class man I could not install CCTV cameras inside my house otherwise it would get unnecessary attention from anyone who came to meet me. So I decided not to do so and installed a secret camera inside the  safe which  would click photos if it didn’t recognize  my face. But everything was in vain.

This burglary had already crossed my patience. I was not able to figure out that how was someone able to break in. The safe already had 5 levels of security. In fact the whole security system was not connected to the mains. Instead I had given a special connection to it so that no one can hack it.

I was just thinking when there was a knock on the door. I went out of the study room. My steps were slow and cautious. I was breathing heavily, my heart pumping faster than ever. A drop of sweat fell from my forehead. I took the vase kept on the table in one hand and went to open the door. There was another knock, this time a little impatient knock. I stood still for a while and then opened the door. Outside there was a woman standing wearing Burkha. I was still holding the vase. She forced me in and started shouting on me, “What were you doing. Why were you not opening the gate. It’s too hot outside”. At that moment I relaxed my nerves and just stood smiling. The woman was none other than my girlfriend. She unveiled her face and then gave a small hug. She saw the vase in my hand and ask what are you supposed to do with it. I saw my hand holding the vase and then looked at her. I just smiled and took out the flowers from the vase and gave it to her. She took the flowers and kissed me on my cheek and went inside to cook something for me. I said to myself, “I would have been dead if I had told her why I was holding that vase”. Suddenly a thought struck my mind. The only person who knew me very well was my girlfriend. What if she is the one who is stealing my diamonds. But why would she do so? At that moment a voice came from inside the kitchen, “Honey, are you coming to help me or not?”. Aah! I am just imagining things too much. I laughed on myself and went to help her.

This was now for the forth time now. I was again standing and staring at the empty bag. I had already figured it out that every burglary was done on Thursday. I was now very irritated. This time not thinking about anyone I directly went to give a contract to install CCTV cameras inside the whole house and some on the entrance too.

It had already been 2 weeks now but no sign of any thief. Not a single diamond was lost. It was the third week when something unusual happened. I had gone for a long drive and came back home late night. Next day was a Thursday so I didn’t want to take any chances. As soon as I entered I checked the locker. I checked all the cameras. Everything seemed to be fine. But when I woke up next morning I was shocked. This time it was not one but 3 bags empty. I rushed to see CCTV footage. I was very excited. Excited because today I was going to find who is actually stealing my diamonds.

It was three hours from the time I discovered burglary. I had already ran through the whole video three times but I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no video recording to be found between 1:42 AM to 4:06 AM. I don’t know what and how did all happened. I did not had any answer.

Four weeks had passed and I still didn’t know who was the thief. I didn’t know what to do. I was feeling very low so I called my girlfriend for a date.

I was waiting for her in the hall reading the newspaper. A massive bridge just collapsed somewhere in Western Europe. Many died. It was approximated a damage of total Rs.140 crore. Suddenly my girlfriend came in and we both went on for a date.

I had forgotten that next day was a Thursday. When next morning I realized, I rushed to see the locker. This time not a single bag was left. Everything was gone. I just calculated the total wealth that was gone. The worth of all the left diamonds was Rs. 140 crore. Suddenly something flashed into my mind. The figure ‘Rs. 140 crore ” seemed to be familiar. At that moment I realized that it was the same amount that as that of the damage caused by that bridge which collapsed day before yesterday. I rushed to see CCTV footage but there was no recording again. This time between 3:04 AM to 4:16 AM. Something was coming into my mind. I rushed to see the newspapers of last 2 months. I checked whole week. I went through all major damages and destruction caused in the whole world. I was shocked to know that every figure in terms of rupees caused by destruction in the whole world of a week matched with the figure his money in the form of diamonds were lost on Thursday.

I also found out that there was no big destruction caused between last four weeks, that’s why no diamonds were lost till now from last burglary.

Suddenly I came over a section which mentioned that an anonymous person donated Rs. 140 crore to those who suffered because of the damage of bridge. I was stunned and shocked. I felt nothing. I fell on the ground.

Next day when I woke up, I was in a hospital. The doctor came in and told me that I was suffering from a very rare disease and soon going to die and that’s why I used to walk in sleep. I didn’t know why it all happened but at least I came to know how it all happened. I came to know finally who was all behind these burglary. It was none other than me.


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