At the Library

-by Anand Kumar Sharma

Although I was the topper of the class yet no one wanted to be my friend or I can say that it was just vice versa. My colleagues thought that I just go and study in library but they never knew I was very fond of books and novels. I liked adventurous and mysterious novels. But then one day I found something interesting in the library. I found a book standing alone in that old shelf staring at me, like it wanted to talk to me. I never knew that book could change my entire life. As a matter of fact, for all these years, my eyes had been eagerly searching for it in those shelves. And now it was in front of me. “Aah! There it is” I said, “All rights reserved for you, by Sudeep Nagarkar”. My hand outreached to lift the book but I was not able to lift it. On the other side of the shelf was a very pretty girl. She released her grip and suddenly that novel bumped into my face, clearly a bad start for reading a book. But I wasn’t interested in the novel anymore. I was just lost in those beautiful eyes staring at me from other side of the shelf. I had never seen such beautiful eyes before in my whole life or maybe I never noticed that much. I just kept on looking and I was so lost that I didn’t even know that she wanted to say something. I came back to my senses and there she was in front of me. She extended her right hand and so did I,  but then I noticed she was not interested in a handshake and rather was looking for the novel. “Oh! So you want this”, I asked, looking at the book. “Yes”, she replied. Her voice, ah! Left me mesmerized. I stood blank for sometime. She asked me again but I refused to give. She became angry and started pointing at me. She was blabbering in anger. I wasn’t listening a single word, all I was focusing on was her eyes.

At last I asked her to stop. I said, “In all these years, this is the first time I have come to this section just for this novel but it seems you need it more than me. Here, take this. By the way I would be very thankful to you if you could read it as early as possible and
return it to me”. At that moment she stopped and said, in a calm voice “I never expected you to be here”. I smiled but said nothing. She took the book and started to leave. But then she turned around and said “Actually we both can read it”. “You know the exams are near but I desperately want to read this novel. How about we read it on alternative days”. I liked her suggestion and agreed. That day I returned barehanded but still I had something with me. Those beautiful eyes and her soothing voice. Next day I reached early. Actually I didn’t wanted her to wait because of me. I was just wandering through the library when she came smiling and handed over the book to me. As soon as I started reading the novel, a piece of paper fell from it. I picked it up and read what was written.

Guess what I got…

It said-

“Please WhatsApp me if you get the solution.”

I still remember that day. I had laughed for at least an hour. That paper had an assignment question of calculus. And down there was her number. The number leading to her heart.


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