Stories: Lies worth hearing

by Gauri Shankar Prasad


Weren’t those nights wonderful when mother used to tell a bedtime story which took us into a beautiful world of fascination, a world full of mesmerizing beauty which was much better than the world we live in.

Ha! remember that fast rabbit who ran and slept, that thirsty crow who found a way to quench his thirst.They were so amusing, weren’t they? Were they true? Perhaps not.

Is truth what we seek for?

Have you ever lied to someone?


Why does a feeling of embarrassment, disappointment, shame, and regret come to our senses upon hearing this word?

Some lies are worth hearing. Some lies save lives. Some lies give hopes. Some lies build relations.

In this world where everyone wants to know the truth, pause for a moment and think, why are we doing so, if lies are more amusing.

Given a chance, I would love to delve into those bedtime stories and never come out.I would search for the missing essence that our world has lost.I would never care about the truth, as long as I am happy.

Happiness is what I seek for.

What about you?

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