-by Abhishek Bishnoi

He raped a girl inside the a sacred place where God was supposed to live. He called himself religious, probably he knew that he was not human enough to call himself spiritual. When the public got to know about it, the Godly law spread its arms wide assuring justice to all three, the man, the girl and the society. As assured, the girl was found guilty, for her own rape. Next day they found the culprit, hanged in her own bedroom. “Well, at least she realized her mistake.”,  said the flag bearers of religion, the public sighed in relief.

“Who decides who right and who is wrong?”

A 14 year old girl asked her grandma, who was silently looking at their neighbors from their merely open windows, who were as scared as they were. Towards the front end there were some people, protesting on the road, shouting slogans against the government, against the army, against the nation. Some say, they were fighting for their rights, and whatever they did was all justified. Others were quiet, probably they knew that in the midst of a war for rights(if they have lost any) a terrified child, in a corner holding a gun is certainly not justified.

Some of them knew what the truth is but barely are courageous enough to speak about it. There is no one to support them, or possibly they don’t want their daughters, their families to go through the same trauma.

There will be debate . There will be politics. But will there be justice? Will there be truth? Will there be even a single girl who could walk fearlessly in the city? Will the rapists continue roam around freely? When will we understand the difference between existing as humans and being human? Till when the crying of an infant be dominated by gun shots? Till when our soldiers keep dying inside our borders? Till when…….?

But for whom should we raise these questions? Everything seems to be fine till the point our families are safe, till are daughters are not being raped, till our rights are not being hurt for preserving their rights.

Truth is inside us, we all know the truth. But there is still immense darkness and a mist of confusion inside. The moment we start contemplating upon the truth, we will eventually develop the courage to speak it. The road will be tough and harsh but when was it easy? The nation, the world, needs change, demands change. And only we can bring the change. So let us not hide anymore, let us not fear anybody anymore, and let us stand by the truth, today…forever.

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