The Lake

-by Anagha M S

I was standing near the  lake. There were a few peahens on the other side of the lake. They were wandering around. I felt like they were searching for something, maybe because I too was in pursuit of something.

Lake is near my hostel. Through the window of my room I can see the mist above it. It gives a heavenly feeling in the morning. Sometimes there would be eagles flying over the lake.

‘Splash! ‘  That was a boy on the other side. He was wearing a  green T-shirt. I couldn’t see his face. Nothing else was properly visible from that distance.I carefully observed his actions for a while. He was throwing stones in the lake. I liked the way he threw it, the way the stones danced on the surface of water, touching the surface 3-4 times before diving deep in water. Then I came back to my hostel. On that day I saw a dream in which someone was drowning in the water.

Next day I went there to see if that kid was there opposite to the lake . He was not there.  I asked the security guards and hostel staff whether there was a kid wandering around the lake. They said there was no kid near the lake.

I didn’t look for him any further. I was busy with studies and my hostel life. The lake also disappeared from my life even though it was near me. During my first semester vacation, I went to my mom’s house. I went to a Temple for praying. There was a pond near the Temple. I was looking into the lake and  I saw a face in the water. Suddenly something striked my mind. It was the face of that kid I saw near the lake and I also realized that the person who was drowning in my dream was none other than me…


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