-by Abhishek Bishnoi

I know you are low, you are depressed my dear, yes you have failed, somehow you got less than you expected, but now get up and cheer. I have a solution! Here it is “TRAVELLING!” No need to decide a destination, just travel, explore your surroundings, the way they are, the way you are. Come out from this circle of depression, go to a musical concert, have a party at your nearest club, walk on the loneliest road of your city without reaching anywhere. Why not you go to a park? Keep yourself calm, composed, feel the rhythm of nature. Sing a song aloud in your own crazy voice. Don’t bother about the people out there. Do sleep once on bare ground, get up early in the morning, listen to the chirping of birds, watch the sun rise. Run from there to nowhere, lose yourself completely. Let it be as natural and as beautiful as God made it, set it free completely, let it dance, let it laugh, let it be mad. Remember! there shouldn’t be any restriction, any boundaries. Spread the positivity. When you see something amazing, praise it. Don’t hesitate to say, ‘Hey you are looking beautiful’, ‘Hey your watch is damn good’, ‘Hey you gonna be successful one day’. If someone seems to be difficult, why don’t you offer help. Is it tough to say, ‘May I help you?’. This might not make people live you but certainly will make you love yourself. This will give you strength, to fight all odds, to fight for your dreams. But the most important thing is the happiness that blossoms inside. As we start spreading happiness, we experience the real happiness. Travelling will let you know about the untouched world out there, the unseen colors, the deep joy. There is a magic in travelling because whenever I travel I become more of myself, I become humble. I try to help people who are in trouble. I try to spread happiness. How it works is still a mystery but yes, I want to be a Traveller forever. So this summer let’s try to be positive. Spread the good air to breathe the same. Come along! let’s try it. Resolution can be made even in the midst of the year!

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