“Every blood donor is a hero- a Real one”

– by Krutika Thalnerkar, SICA Senior Secondary School Scheme 78, Indore

A single pint can save 3 lives, a single gesture can create a million smiles – Slogan, 14th June, 2012 realised as International World Donor Day.
Blood, it runs around our body the whole time. Sometimes such normal things don’t catch our attention but for some people pure blood and even just blood is important and a luxury to be honest. When we have a plenty of it, some people have to run around to get some and make there bodies to work about. A great pleasure comes out when we learn this fact or more a lesson from life, that when you have more indeed, share some with the one who is in need. There are different people out there who have made there lives a commitment towards helping those in need of blood. There are multiple such sites and apps that you can approach to in case of emergencies and they will arrange the blood for you with the help of someone in the community itself. In the very fact anybody can donate blood, to be precise the one who doesn’t have a blood related disease that can get to somebody else and create more problems instead. Healthy blood is all needed.
We at times feel useless and we cannot pull out any meaning or purpose out of life, but to be honest our smallest efforts may increase someone’s chances to live. Have you ever heard of this that, magic is within us, all we gotta do is find it and use it for good. The blood donor himself is a magician and the blood he provides to people in need is his magic. He is indeed helping the people who are utmost need of such magic. I’ll tell you one such magical story.
“A person left his job interview to donate blood”, said the headline. The news grabbed my attention. I became curious to know what actually made him do this. I started reading out the whole block. It said that when a boy named Divakar came to know that a person is in need of blood whose blood group was AB +ve, he rushed to that hospital to donate his blood. When he received a notification from Facebook he was in a queue to give his job interview but he left to save the life of a person who was hit by a truck. Doctors informed that if any blood donor wouldn’t have arrived on time, that person would have been dead by now since the blood to arrive from the city hospital would have taken 2-3 hours or more. When Divakar was questioned that what made him leave his interview, he just smiled and said that there are millions of blood donors now connected to Facebook. Almost all of them would have posted that on the timeline but untill and unless we serve the purpose it is of no use. He said, “When I was born my mother had typhoid so I too was born deficient of blood. Doctors were able to arrange my blood group on time but my mother had very rare blood group AB -ve. By the time doctors could arrange it my mom was already dead. I came to know the reason when I was five. I felt heartbroken. My father consoled me by saying that it wasn’t my fault. But from that day I decided to always help anyone anytime whoever in need because someone’s life is more important than someone’s job. I can easily get another job but the family of that person can never have him back once he is dead.” At last of the news column was mentioned his thought: It’s of no use to post and tell everyone that you have become a blood donor on Facebook until and unless you can save someone’s life by donating your blood on time.
That line struck deep in my heart. I wiped my eyes and went to the nearby hospital to donate the blood.
We as a citizen of the world have a few responsibilities and to do accomplish them the best way is to help the society grow, when the society around is happy and healthy we will feel ourselves grow with it too! Make this world a better place to live, a healthy place to live. Blood connects us all, because that is one of the things we have in common and if nothing is same our blood would always remain red and we would never be able to get differentiated by religion, race or citizenship, if we look at our blood it would be red and the one and all thing hence proven would be that we are human beings at the very first.
At the end, every blood donor is a hero. Blood cannot be produced artificially and hence the one who helps make it available is indeed a hero. Make sure if you’re eligible indeed help someone and save lives, make sure you’re a giver and give the most you can! Help people by being alive. Live to the fullest and help others do the same!

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