Her Midnight Sky

-by Gauri Shankar Prasad

Soaring up high,
in the midnight sky,
calm and composed, she went on to fly
with rage on her forehead
and determination in her eyes.
Happiness, love, compassion, her smile;
she had left them all behind.
Pain, sufferings, tears in her eyes;
these, she had to leave to fly.
In her open book, she kept everything closed.
Her smile, those tears that kept her running.
When she left ‘em all, she learnt to fly.
“Have I really left them all behind?”,
Off on her way, she asked herself.
One question, one thought, broke all bounds.
Her wings trembled, she became restless,
lost control, she fell on the ground.
Shattered again, she broke again.
Couldn’t keep her calm, she hurt herself again.
But this time she knew,
She knew she could fight.
She could even win that fight.
The night was over.
Midnight sky turned over.
Yet another day to do it all over.
She was all set to fly again.
If not to fly, then to try again.

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