I Love You

-by Abhishek Bishnoi

To reach where I am standing today.
I am proud of myself where I come from.
I remember your hard sacrifices.
I don’t know if you too had some dreams.
I don’t know what happened to your desires.
You had never been given choices like me.
And you never complained, why?
Why you had been silent always ?
What is the aim of your life?
I don’t know anything about you.
I am sorry.
I didn’t even ask.
I was not mature enough, how could I know?

You were making sacrifices for me.
You were adjusting yourself in just what I had left.
You were never given priorities.
Even today I rarely call you.
I never wanted to be like how I am.
In between the way I had lost myself.
My heart had become a stone.
My aim made me hard.
A man with less feelings.
A boy who didn’t know what relationships are meant to be.
I am sorry for everything.
I don’t know if sorry is enough.

But I am looking forward to change myself.
Each day I think about it.
And each day ends with a feeling of regret.
I hope one day I will have enough courage
To ask you about how your life is actually going?
How your husband is behaving with you?
We will discuss then what happiness is.
I will suggest you some good books.
I will write poems for you.
But I am again confused.
I am not sure about that day.

But what I am sure about is that
Without you I am nothing.
You are my inspiration my dear.
I never expressed, I am not good at it
But yeah ‘I love you’ more than anyone on this planet.

A happy Raksha Bandhan to you!
In consequences of a journey to be a good brother.

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