- Gauri Shankar Prasad   Life. Isn’t life like rain? Watching it from the balcony, its mesmerising, enchanting, so indulging, but when facing it on the road, its challenging, demanding, so difficult. Eventually rain stops, so does life.


Is it real ?

- Adarsh Singpuri Human is not always humble and grateful but there are times when he is. Being grateful to resources needed for survival is as old as documented history and civilisation. Worshipping trees, the Sun, rivers that are lifeline for an establishment has been happening since times immemorial and in many cultures, it still …

Missing You

-  Adarsh Singpuri I accidentally over strained my love It had just been a few months  And I started taking you for granted You were my greatest companion There for me whenever I needed Many times I hurt you, stepped over you Yet you never complained Placed the blames wrongfully on you Didn't respect you Yet …